Growth Hack #1: How to Know If Your Child Is Gifted

This is our first growth hack post in our blog. Our main objective on this series post is to provide useful information that parents can try to help and assist them on their children’s growth.

Today, we will talk about indicators that parents should know to identify if their child is gifted. Determining the “giftedness” of a child is important and must be assessed properly. These children require special education programs to help them nurture their skills completely.

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blogpic While parents, teachers and other authorities can help you identify the giftedness of your kids, you can always try looking for these indicators and know if your child is unique and special.

So here the indicators that can help you identify the giftedness of your child

1. Gifted children are always extremely curious; they ask the questions but does not necessarily know all the answers. These children can be rapidly asking the H’s and W’s of a particular subject.

2. A gifted child always put their physical and mental skills into a challenge. They enjoy trying new things and loves to work, work, work on many things.

3. A gifted child doesn’t necessarily have to be a math expert; giftedness can also be determined by the child’s creativity. They spend most of their free time working on artwork such as painting, drawing and even sculpting. Music and dance can also be their favorite and are always engaged to such activities.

4. Gifted children always go further than most kids to pursue their interests, answer the questions that they have on their mind and reach the goal that they have set. Persistence is what fuels them.

5. Gifted children enjoy counting, measurements and categorizing objects. They organize and put everything into order logically or numerically.

6. Children who are gifted love maps, charts, calendars and clocks. They are always puzzled on how things work and enjoy challenges that involve the above materials.

7.  Gifted children are more intensely sensitive at their young age. They are like adults and can quickly pick up on other people’s emotions, often ask things about anger, pain, sorrow and suffering. A level of awareness that other children might not notice but they get their selves involved at it.

8. A child that is gifted has an advance vocabulary skill. They can quickly learn, write and speak of words that normal children cannot. They have good comprehension and proficiency when it comes to languages and vocabulary.

Your child is gifted, what’s next?

If you believe that your child is maybe gifted, always ask him or her about his or her school activities; make sure to have him an IQ test, creativity tests and teacher observations can also help. Gifted children’s deserves a special program that can hone their skills, look for schools that has a program that can help you children. If you believe that your child is not getting the education and the challenge that his or her skills demands, then you can talk to his or her teachers about it.

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