4 Important Pointers for Parents on Choosing After School Activities

After school programs and activities can help kids discover new learning opportunities, be more confident in life and be more competitive as they grow up. In order for a kid to be successful on after school programs, the parents should be able to guide their children when choosing the right activity that match their kids interests, capability and potentials.

So here are four important pointers that parents should follow when choosing after school activities for their kids:

1. Your Child Knows What They Want. Ask Them.

Indeed parents should be more observant and keen on identifying the potentials of their kids, but if you’ll ask you kid what he or she want to do – you’ll be surprised. Do not pressure your kid to take on a particular activity when it doesn’t interest them. Do not urge them to be engaged on a swimming class when they want to attend art classes.

4-Important-Pointers-for-Parents-BlogPicList of questions that parents need to answer:

  • What are the indicators that my kids would love such activity?
  • Is my kid doing this solo or with friends?
  • Is my kid going to enjoy such activity?
  • Is my kid on the right age to be involved on such program?
  • Do I have a list of after school activities for my kid to choose from?

2. You got a list of activity. Sort Your Budget.

When choosing after school activities, budget always play a role on decision making. Aside from program fees that every after school program organizers require, they also require parents to buy equipments, supplies and instruments that the kids use when doing such activity.

Always remember, have your kid enrolled on an activity that he or she can enjoy, allow him to meet new friends and have buddies. This can guarantee you that your kid will stay on the program and not just quit.

3. Kids Can Quit Anytime. Communication Is The Key.

Yes kids can quit to an after school activity when they want it. Parents should be able to talk their way to their kids and ask them for reasons. This will always be a challenge for parents who have their kids on an after school program, kids can feel bored or not happy with the program, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you or your kid should quit. Coping up to challenges is important, ask them every day about their experiences, always give them tips and keep them happy. Prevention is better than cure as they say. Parents should do this on the first day to the last day.

4. Check Important Information about the Program Provider

We only want the best thing for our kids, therefore every parent deserve to know all the information about companies that offer after school programs.  Here is a checklist that parents can use when choosing a provider.

  • Do they have safety and sanitary permits?
  • Is the business legit?
  • Do they have satisfactory customer testimonials?
  • Do they have a ‘kid’ friendly environment?
  • Do they have licensed professionals that can teach and help kids when doing such activity?

Activity providers do have a competition and therefore it is important to compare one activity provider to other organizations that offer the same program. Parents doesn’t have to go through each and every companies now, there are websites that offer a list of program providers in one place.

In summary

Choose the best after school program together with your kid. An activity that makes them feels happy, nurtured and fulfilled. Have an after school activity that you and your kid will cherish for years to come.