Growth Hack #2: Health Benefits of Outdoor Activities

Welcome to our second growth hack post, the purpose of this series post is to provide useful information to parents in relation to parenting, schooling and after school.

Today, we will talk about the health benefits of outdoor activities to kids. Let us give you reasons why your kids should get involved in outdoors and after school programs. Outdoors is not only fun but it is also healthy to kids growth –physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.


Outdoors Can Help Kids Be More Physically Healthy

To be healthy, a person must learn how to be physically engaged. Spending time outdoor simply means less time sitting at home, wasting time in front of computer and television. Outdoors require physical strength, therefore it can give our kids more healthy body. Not only give but it can also teach our kids the value of physical exercise and carry on as they grow.

Outdoors can also expose you to sunlight and give you vitamin D, scientifically this vitamin can help control body calcium and phosphate, elements that can help you kid have healthier bones. Sources suggest that vitamin D treatment can help in autism, cancer, chronic pain, diabetes, flu, muscular deficiencies, heart ailments and bone related diseases.

Outdoors Can Help Kids Grow Mentally Healthy

Many of the outdoor activities are indeed physically challenging, but if you’ll notice, outdoor activities also require mental toughness. What is strength without the use of the brain as they say. Outdoors can help your kid improve their logic and problem solving. There are afterschool programs that are indeed physically demanding and yet mentally challenging.


Outdoors Allow Your Kids Grow Emotionally Healthy

Yes, physical and mental strength are always in use when doing outdoor activities. In addition to these two, outdoor activities can also help your kid grow its emotionally healthy. Often, outdoor activities are done on a team basis. Allowing your kid go out from his or her comfort zone and meet new friends can help a lot on your child’s emotional growth.

Completing outdoor challenges together with friends can teach your kids how to be socially engaged. Being able to socialize can also help kids boost their self confidence. When a kid is confident, you know that he or she is ready to face life as they grow up.

Outdoors Can Help Kids Understand Nature and God’s Gift

Getting exposed to outdoors lets children understand how blessed we are. Appreciating the nature and how it works can always make a kid grow spiritually.

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