10 Back To School Tips for Parents in Dubai


The long summer vacation is almost over, as soon as September kicks in the emirates, families will be busy again for school. If you are in Dubai right now, you should be preparing already for the new school year. For mums who are looking for bucket list of important reminders for their back-to-school kids, then this post is guaranteed to help you on your preparation for the up and coming school season.

Here is our back to school bucket list:

#1 Save Money, Look for Back-To-School Sale Promotions

If you are looking to buy things for school, then the month of August til early September is the time where you can shop for school and get great discounts at the same time. Save money by grabbing the opportunity of back-to-school sale promo. Check your local news papers for mall sale advertisement or visit malls website – Dubai Mall, Deira City Center, Mall of the Emirates.

#2 Check Your Resources, Create a List of Supplies That You Need

Now that you know where to shop, list down all the supplies that you need for your kid at school. Check for things that are still in your kids’ bag and can be used for the coming school year to save money. Pen and paper can always be reused or refilled when needed. This is why you need to list down everything first before rushing into a mall.

 #3 Secure School Papers

Make sure that your school papers are ready, enrolling a fresh student or re-enrolling a kid to another school year always require certain documents to proceed. Securing these documents can give you a hassle free back-to-school experience.

#4 For New Students, Parents Should Tour The School

Most schools in Dubai offer a tour at their facilities for parents who are planning to enroll their kid. Take advantage of the opportunity in order to know what kind of school environment that a school has.

#5 Spend One Last Summer Fun Activity for the Family

Families should go out and enjoy their summer vacation for the very last time before the new school year start. Try going out together watching a movie and have fun. A bonding time can always result to great things, so take time to bond with each other.

#6 Take Back Your Routine, Create a Schedule for Your Kids

The summer vacation is over; it’s time to put everyone in sync now that the new school year is coming. Start by putting a schedule of sleep in order to manage early morning wake up time. Getting back your kids to schedule is always essential when returning to school.

#7 Go for Healthy Lunch Boxes

Health is wealth – Plan a healthy lunch box and meals for your kid. Nutrition is always an important thing for kids at school. Proper nutrition give them the strength to do well at school.

#8 Talk To Your Kid to Gauge Their Readiness

Parents should always ask how well or ready their kids are for school. Gauging the readiness of your kid can help a lot on their confidence during the start of another school year.

#9 Look For Afterschool Activities

Learning should not stop when your kid step out from school. Keep your kid engaged and focused on learning new things. After school activities can help your kid become more ready in life, meet new friends and be more competitive even outside the academics.

#10 Always Ask “How Was Your Day” To Your Kids

Help your student by asking this simple question – “how’s your day?” for them to become comfortable at school. Parents should check their kids experience particularly at the start of the school year.


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