Growth Hack #5: Practice Determination to Success

Growth Hack 5Success is always a result of our determination. Significant challenges come into our life and we learn how to cope up and be more determined on solving these challenges. Few of us know that we can also teach our kids how to be tough and strong, we can help our kids put their determination into practice.

When our kids have that determination, we parents can become more confident that our kids will become successful no matter what.

Try these six tips to improve your kids’ determination:

Solve Problems Together – To guide our kids on solving problems is to teach them what we know. Some parents might find this bad and might cause problem, but for kids having someone to guide you through the problem is always a good thing. Cheering your kids and guiding them can help boost their determination on solving problems. Guide them and when you saw that they can do it on their own and solve it, let it happen.

Obstacles is Part of Growing Up – This a thing that we need to explain to our kids. Obstacles are human nature, to learn from it and be able to outgrow it helps a lot on success.

Staying Active Can Help – When kids are always engage, they have the chance to learn new things from time to time. Either your kids is active academically or your kid is enjoying an after school activity, staying active helps a lot in putting everything into practice.

Practice Responsibility, List Chores – Create a list of chores that your kids can handle. Have a somewhat reward system for every achievement that your kid accomplished and keep them motivated to finish that chore. Responsibility should always start from home. This simple practice can help a lot in improving your kids’ determination. 

Teach Your Kids The Right Mindset – Probably the most important part of determination is to have the right mindset. Think-Plan-Do, that’s the right process that every kids should learn on solving problems. Think first and determine the H’s and W’s involved in the problem, plan how you can solve it and work on solving it. That an easy 3 step process to improve your kids determination and become successful.

Identify Your Kids Strength and Weaknesses – You can always use your kid’s strength in solving problems. Teach your kid to focus on what they have and use it to their own advantage in order to solve a problem. Determination can depend on the strength and weaknesses of a person, this also goes with kids. We parents can help a lot on managing our kids’ strengths and weaknesses. For example, if your kids have problems in fitness, parents can always help by giving their kids the proper nutrition in order for them to be more ready and fit.

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