Growth Hack #8: Kids TV and Safety

Kids love TV – they could spend hours watching their favorite cartoon or TV show all day. We parents should moderate television viewing at home so that our kids can have a safer and healthier life. Studies show how media can badly affect your kid’s character development; TV shows for example can influence delinquency among youths, from substance to alcohol abuse, foul language and immature content to premature sex and abusive content.

Parents should take over and moderate television viewing

Check for TV Ratings Guide – Some TV shows might be appropriate to all kids, some are not. Therefore parents should look for ratings and guides on what shows may fit to their kids. We saw this helpful cartoon ratings table from parents TV organization:

TVY –Programs created for all children. These cartoons are created for children with age of 2 to 6 years old. Absolutely with no violence and zero matured content.

Shows that has TVY rating: Spongebob Squarepants, Winnie the Pooh, Rugrats, Recess, Arthur, House of Mouse, Jojo’s Circus, Koala Brothers.

sponge bob tv

TVG – TV shows appropriate for all ages but not specifically created for children’s viewing. Parents may let their kids watch these TV shows unattended since it contain no violence or strong language.

Shows that has TVG rating: Scooby-Doo, Looney Tunes, Popeye, Smurfs, Kim Possible, Flinstones, Lilo & Stitch, Tom & Jerry.

TVY7 – Cartoon programs created for 7 years old and above. Include none to moderate fantasy and violence which might not be suitable for younger audiences.

Shows under TVY7 rating: Xmen, Zoids, Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, Teen Titans, Samurai X, Batman, Superman, Godzilla, Dragon Ball Z, Gundam

TVPG – Cartoon programs which might not be suitable for kids and requires parental guidance. Include moderate violence, some sex scenes, infrequent coarse language and suggestive dialogues.

Shows on TVPG rating: Lupin the third, Futurama, Fooly Cooly, Inuyasha, Big O

TV14 – Cartoon programs that are not suitable for children under 14. Has moderate to intense sexual situations, suggestive dialogue, and violence.

Shows on TV14: Family guy, Gary the rat, Sealab 2021, This Just In, Aqua Teen Hungerforce, Venture Brothers, Stripperella.

Knowing these ratings can help you sort out what cartoon programs is suitable for your kids.

More Tips on Programming Control

  1. Assign specific time for TV viewing and computer use. Be strict on implementing this particular rule until it becomes a part of discipline routine that kids follow at home. If you don’t have this rule at home and just starting, cut the hours of time viewing slowly until your kid get used to it.

Extra: Parents to need to cut down television viewing at home and set an example to their kids.

  1. Do not put television on bedrooms. People tend to be unaware of time whenever they are so relaxed lying on the bed while watching TV. Parents can’t grab kid attention quick if they are on a private room like their bedroom.
  2. People suggest TV covers to lessen viewing urge for kids. We parents should cover our television whenever not in use.
  3. Go find other activities to keep your kids busy. Either you enroll your kid on an after school activity, or DIY backyard activities. Work with your kids to keep them away from television and media.
  4. Explore television shows together as a family. Your kids need guidance on these tv shows, its always better if you are there whenever they have questions.

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