The Complete List of Outdoor Adventure Essentials for Kids

swiss-knife-outdoorsIs your kid going out for an outdoor activity? Make sure that your kids have all these essentials before going out for an adventure so that they will have the best fun experience and safe outdoor activity.

First aid kit

Sanitizer, band aids, cotton balls and alcohol, these are just some of the lifesaver materials that you need to put on your kids first aid kit. We all want our kids to be safe, but scratches and bruises is a normal thing that occurs in outdoor activities that we can’t prevent. For our kid to have a ready first aid kit could become a lifesaver.

Pocket Knife “Swiss Knife”

Outdoor adventures would not be complete if you don’t have this handy tool. Pocket swiss allows its users to have an instant access to many tools like magnifying glass, cutter, screw etc. When outdoors demands are at high, swiss knife can come in handy.


Adventure seekers are always under the sun, for your kid to have the strength they must remain hydrated and energized. Remind your kid to drink enough water to keep them going. Under the pressure of heat, perspiration becomes faster. If the kids are well hydrated, they can enjoy their time outdoors.

Sun Protection

Under the heat of the sun, kids need protection from heavy UV exposure. Always give them the right amount of SPF protection to avoid skin and health related problems. Aside from lotions and sun sunscreen, parents may consider hats, sunglasses and extra layer clothing.

Map & Compass

Outdoor adventures wouldn’t be completed without tracking maps and use of compass. Kids love exploring and to use a map and explore on their own is a rewarding experience.

Rain Gear

You will never when it is going to rain. This is why if you can provide your kid a rain gear, give your kid something that they can use to protect them from the rain – umbrella, rain coat and probably bag protectors to keep their bags away from getting wet.

Pack Light

The last thing that you need when going for an outdoor activity is to carry heavy bags while trekking or climbing. You will need extra clothes but you should always plan with your kids so that they can sort what things they can carry on their bags. Traveling light is less hassle and more fun.

Matches and Fire Starters

Bonfires and cooking is always important when going outdoors.

In Summary

Give your kid a break, look for after school activities and outdoor adventures that they can enjoy while on a short break or perhaps a weekend. Kids love fun and exciting adventures, join them too so that you can cherish all the memories together while they are growing.

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