Growth Hack #9: Teaching Kids to Love Sports

kid-sportsSports can teach children many important things – fitness, discipline, motivation, socio skills and team work.  Indeed sports have so many advantages and can help our kid grow healthy, physically, emotionally and socially. If you are looking for an after school activity for your kids, you will probably go for sports, but not all kids are fond of sports. How do you teach your kid and able them to try sports? This post will give important pointers on how to make kids love sports.

Start Early

To start early is to determine which sports our kid will love. Parents and kids should get involved early in sports, may it be swimming, basketball, martial arts kids’ trying out sports is not a bad idea. This could later on give your kids options on whether to go strong and specialize on a particular sport or be good and have extra options when getting involved at sports.

Studies show that kids who specialize on a single sport are at risk on injuries. While kids who can work on 2 o 3 sport can avoid too much physical fatigue, burnout on which may cause sports injuries.

For Late Starters, Outline the Benefits of Sports

Kids who are on age of 5 to 6 can already understand life lessons, and to share them the benefits of sports is to entice them to get involved and work on a sport.

  • Sport is fitness – To work on a sport is to be more physically fit and healthy.
  • Sports give you more friends – To play sport is to make a kid grow emotionally and have better socio skills on dealing with other people.
  • Respect – Is the most valuable lesson that your kids can learn when playing sports.
  • To play sport is to work – Practice and in game activity is work.
  • To play with a team is to have a second family whom you know you can count on
  • Sportsmanship – Winning and losing is a natural thing, it happens in a game and it happens in real life. It teaches our kids to become better and understand real life situations.

Take Off the Pressure

Professionals suggest that kids play sports because they want to meet new friends. They don’t care about winning and losing, they only care about playing with the team and having fun. Parents should learn to take the pressure to their kids shoulder and let them enjoy their time when playing sports.

The main reason why kids quit on sports is because they can’t handle the pressure that the game and their supposed to be supportive parents are giving them. They quit sport due to the embarrassment and humiliation that their parents put them on.

To encourage our kids to love sports, parents should be the first fan that will always be at their backs cheering them and supporting them win or lose.

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