15 Healthy Snacks for After School Kids

Kids need the right nutrition to have that extra energy and perform well on after school activities. Parents should watch what their kid is eating; store-bought food and snacks may not be nutritious and insufficient on our kids need. If parents will let their kids buy their own snack, they could just buy a soda or junk food.after-school-snacks

Here are fifteen healthy snacks for your kids who are busy on extra after school activity.

Cheese – A very good source of energy and protein. Cheese slices can be used on sandwiches or be sliced on fun shapes and could go together with other fruit slices on a stick.

Spreads – Peanut butter, cheese spreads and fruit jams. Kids will love their sandwich if it comes with flavorful sandwich spread.

Baked Muffins – Add flavor and color to breads. Kids love banana flavored muffin, or any fruit taste your kid love.

Cereal – Add milk and fruits, cereal is one of the healthiest snacks that you can prepare for your kid. It has vitamins, calcium and fiber that kids need to stay healthy.

Chocolate Crunch – DIY this snack by adding chocolate to a bowl of pretzels, cereals, nuts and almonds. A perfect energy giving snack.

Yogurt – If you are looking for something healthy to add on your kids snack, you’ll never go wrong with yogurts. It has a flavorful taste, protein, calcium, vitamin B, potassium and magnesium. Studies suggest that yogurt can also help prevent osteoporosis.

Eggs – A piece of egg can cover a huge chunk on the protein needs of your kid. Plus the vitamins and other nutrients that it has, you should never miss the egg on your kids snack.

Potato – Fries or sweet spuds, potatoes contain good calories of carbs and nutrients that the kids need in order to stay active throughout the day.

Hummus – A dip of chickpeas is rich with protein and vitamins. Add cut fruits to humus to add color and flavor that your kids will love.

Pasta & Noodles – If you are looking for a good supply of carbs for the day, pasta and noodles are very good source of energy.

Smoothies – We all love to refresh, enter smoothies, very good refreshment for kids packed with vitamins and nutrients of fruits that you love.

Raisins – It might be a small thing, but adding raisins to your snack can complete most of the nutrients that the kids need for the day. It has fiber, potassium, and vitamins.

Apples – A very healthy fruit with fiber, vitamins and good amount of calories that kids need on their daily fruit quota.

Oranges – Another fruit alternative is orange, it has vitamins (famously vitamin C) and nutrients that can keep your kid healthy everyday.

Fruit Salad – Slices of fruits can be more flavorful when prepared as a salad.

You got all the snacks, do not forget water, try to limit sports drinks because it has sugar and salt and might not be the best option for your thirsty kid. Go for the water!

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