Sports 101: Volleyball Penalties and Rules Explained

Today, – UAE’s leading source of kid activities in Dubai will discuss the basics of volleyball, including its penalties and rules that every player should know before starting the game.

volleyball 101

Game Equipment

Volleyball players are required to have a proper uniform or attire when playing the game; this includes sweatshirts or t-shirts, gym shorts or sweat pants and athletic shoes. Just like basketball, volleyball are played on leagues where players are required to wear unique uniform or color of the team.

The net that you see in game is in height men’s and co-rec game 8’, women’s game 7’4”

Volleyball has its own type of ball. FIVB introduced a standard ball during the world championships in Japan in 1998. A ball with yellow, blue and white panels.

Game Regulations and How-To

1. A volleyball game is a best of 5 game or sets; the team that wins 3 of 5 sets wins the game.
2. The first four sets are played to 25 points, with the final set being played to 15 points.
3. Games will be a continuous scoring with a point scored on every end. Error or offense scoring.
4. The first 2 sets must be won by 2 points or the first team to 31 points.
5. The third set is played to 15 points, but must be won by two or the first team to 21.
6. Each team can ask for two 30 second time out per set. Time outs will not carry over from set to set.
7. There will be a one minute intermission between sets.
8. To begin the first set, the winner of a coin can opt in to serve the ball or side of court.
9. At the start of every sets, both side will switch sides and the team that did not serve first in the first set will serve first in the second set.

Player Positions

A volleyball team has to play six players to start the game. As the service start, players must rotate one position clockwise every time a team wins back service from the opponent.

On defending, only the three players in front of the net can jump and block a shot. While the attack line is the line of offense for the people at the back, they can’t move forward and hit the ball. This line separates the back court and the front court.

The position of players in order of the serve shall be Right Back (server), Right Front, Center Front, Left Front, Left Back, and Center Back.

International and other leagues are now implementing “libero” players, these players handle much of the serve shot receiving end. A crucial member of the team particularly on the defense. It started by FIVB in 1996 and now commonly implemented on volleyball games.

On the start of the game during service, all players, except the player on the service post, shall be within the team’s playing area and may be in contact with the boundary lines or center line.

Types of shot(s)

Service – is the shot that begins each rally. A player can serve underarm or overarm, jump or spike to land the ball on the other side (opponent side).

Dig – a forearm pass that is used to handle the ball for the setter in front of the net.

Set – an overhead pass used to change the direction of the dig, it puts the ball in a good position for the striker or the spiker.

Block – the main source of defense on volleyball game is the “block”, it occurs when the defensive team stops the ball from getting over the net and returning it to the offensive side.

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