How to Keep Kids Safe from Harmful Internet Content

Internet is an information highway, it is the fastest way to access all the things that people need. On the other side, exposure to violent, adult materials and obscene content is at the highest rate. For kids, getting exposed to such bad materials is easy; they can have a quick access on the internet through their mobile phones, tablets and laptop.

Internet helped us to improve our lives, but there are challenges that we need to face. Harmful content can be avoided, follow these simple tips and keep your kids safe from the harms that they can experience on the internet.

social media rules

First, set social media rules that kids need to follow

1. Teach kids to be responsible on what they are posting online – may it be picture, video or comment on text. Always be sensitive to others when dropping a word or any.
2. Limit kids usage time on facebook and other social media channels.
3. Tell your kids to hand login details.
4. Always logout accounts after using it.
5. Don’t be a bully

Want more? See our infographic about this topic

Employ Parental Control

Parents can install software on their computers and devices to do parental control over the internet. Check this techradar post that lists 9 of the best free parental control software that you can try. Our most favorite is KuruPira – it’s simple and easy to understand.


Check What Your Kid Is Seeing

Putting the family’s computer on a location where you can see what your kids is looking at is essential. You can watch what they are seeing and prevent them from stumbling on bad and harmful contents. If the computer is at your kid’s bedroom, you can install remote desktop controllers to see what’s on their screen.

We recommend – ammyy

Check Browsing History

Browsers have a history that you can check, go through their browsing history on desktop computers and mobile phones.

Block Downloads / Install Ad Blockers on Browsers

Kids are just one click away from downloading a malicious software or spywares, block harmful advertisement and keep your home computer clean.

How to do this?

1. Create separate accounts on your home computer, control what your kids user account can do through the control panel available on the windows.
2. Install pop up and ad blockers on browsers, just look for extensions that can help you do this.

Teach Your Kids to Be Good Content Critique

Kids can go on the internet without us noticing, but if we teach them how to become critical to content and what they see, watch over the internet. We teach them how to become better internet user.

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