5 Halloween Tricks for Moms and Kids


Halloween is coming, kids are all excited for the spooky season and the family is busy preparing treats, costumes and booze. For kids to have a spooktacular Halloween, follow this five tricks that will add more fun and excitement to you and your kids Halloween.

1. Costume tweaks for Kids

Shop early for Halloween costumes, we still got a week before the celebration kicks in. This will allow you to take advantage of costume fitting, availability, item prices, and selections.

If your kid is doing a gladiator or any swordsman costume, make sure that the sword is kid friendly, short, flexible and soft. To keep the kids from harm, we should always consider “safety first”

If you are opting for masks, avoid bulky and rubber masks that may impair your kids vision. You can always DIY a mask by using piece of cut threads or kid friendly make ups.

2. Trick or treat with supervision or friends

Kids under age of 10 should be accompanied by adults when going out for trick or treat, this well ensure their safety when going door to door and crossing the streets

Kids above 10 years of age can go trick or treat with friends. Give your kid a flashlight and possibly a cellphone for emergency purposes.

As a parent, we should help our kid plan a route. This will allow us to track our kids easily when we are so worried or in case of emergency.

3. Check the schedule

If your kid and his friends are doing trick or treat on your neighborhood, late afternoon to early evening is the perfect time. It’s a lot safer for kids to walk in the street on these times.

If you opt for mall Halloween trick or treats, be there early, candies and chocolates may run out early since many kids are rushing to the mall early. Else make sure that you check the schedule of the mall for such activities

4. Prepare Halloween Booze

Make sure that your steps are well lighted and free from obstacles; the last thing you want is to hear a kid crying in front of your door because he or she fell on rocks and had a scratch.

Always consider what kids can digest, you can’t give a 3 year old kid hard candies that can choke them. Make sure you got chocolates and mallows on your bucket.

DIY sweets can save you more money, bake nutritious and flavorful cupcakes

5. Halloween at Home

Convince your kids to stay at home and have fun during the Halloween. Prepare games and horror themed movies that you and your kids can enjoy. Plus prepare good food and sweets that will surely complete your spooktakular season.

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