Growth Hack #10: Keeping Kids Busy On Short Vacations

Halloween, Christmas, special holidays etc, it’s inevitable – our kids will have short vacations and to keep them occupied is always a challenge. To make sure that our kids spend their time at the fullest positive way is to position them to work on activities that benefit their growth.

To help our beloved parents, here are activities that you can try to keep your kids busy on short vacations:

After School Programs


Yes, there are short after school activities that your kids can try and enjoy. If you want your kid to learn the basics of swimming, they can enroll entry level 3 day courses that will teach them how to swim. Aside from that, your kids can also attend other activities like arts and drawing classes, martial arts, dance programs for short period of time. These activities are definitely helpful to your kids growth and could give your kids new knowledge even they are on short vacation.

Camp Out and Explore

There are no excuses, on short vacations there is always a chance for camping. Either you go for that great outdoor adventure or you go for a backyard camping, everything should work fine. Camping always bring fresh air to the people who do it. With the escapism idea, the nature loving experience, good food, warm sun and good night sleep. Everybody loves to experience camping.

If you don’t want to go outside, you can go for an indoor camping, the empty space inside your house can be turned into a beautiful campsite by simple using curtains, lights and other easy to grab camping materials.

Camping is fun, go ahead and try it!

DIY Projects at Home

How about working together baking a flavorful cupcake? Not all of us have the time to go outdoor and camp. Therefore our last resort is to stay at home and find things that we can work on.

Baking is always a good idea for DIY projects at home, preparing cupcakes is always exciting, you can always look for cupcake ideas and recipes in the internet. All you have to do is add more creativity so you can call it your own.

Halloween Pumpkins Cupcakes – See recipe


Halloween Themed Cupcakes – See recipe

cupcake halloween

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