Is Your Kid Having a Cell Phone? (Infographic)

Let’s face it, due to the fast pace growth of digital and mobile technology, kids today are more likely to demand to own a cell phone even if they are at the young age. Yes, cell phone can offer advantages when it serves its right purpose, but it can also cause trouble if kids will misuse it.

Experts suggest that parents should get a cell phone that is not fancy and low cost but still functional (texting and calling) for their kid. Fancy one touch mobile phones are always in attractive the eyes of thieves and burglars. To avoid trouble, get your kid a budget phone. If you have cell phone at home that you no longer use, an old model perhaps, you can also give it to your kid to save money at the same time.

So when is the right time for your kids to have a cell phone? This is the question that many parents ask. This is why, the leading resource of kids activities in Dubai created a quick guide for parents who are on this dilemma and in need of help on making decisions.

quick fix kids and cellphones

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