Sports 101: Milestones and History in Soccer

In 1863, Soccer was born in England. It was a sport for athletes who are fond of kicking the ball and based from the history books, soccer came from the sport of rugby of and association football. These two games went separate way making one of the biggest sport today – Soccer.

soccer history

Football (Association Football) or soccer is a competitive game between two sides of eleven players. To score in the game, one must shoot the ball to an opponent goal. It is one of the biggest game, played over 200 countries.

Here are some notable milestones in the game of soccer:

Association Football is closely related to 255-206BC Chinese game “Tsu-Chu” or kick ball under Han dynasty. Chinese soldiers compete by using a leather ball and kicking it towards the net strung in two bamboo poles and placed in the middle of the field.

Football’s first laws were drafted in London, 1863. It already includes the offside rule, one of the longest running rules implemented in the game of Soccer.

As the soccer develops and laws are formed, FA struggled to standardize laws and game rules resulting to disputes from club in England. With all the contest, IFAB International Football Association Board was formed to unite all the differences in the game of soccer.

Goal kicks were placed in the game at the year of 1869

Corner kicks were introduced in the soccer 1872

Referees first use of whistle to call infractions was started 1878.

Due to the competitive nature of the game, people deliberately fouls inside the box or goal line to prevent the opposing team from scoring. It was only 1891 when “kick of death” was introduced, it is now known as penalty or penalty kick. Penalties back then are allowed to be taken anywhere beyond 12 yard line. It was only 1902 when a particular spot was assigned, now known as penalty spot.

Referees and umpires were introduced 1902. They are the people responsible on making calls, sending players out of the game, give penalties and free kicks.

FIFA and IFAB joined together in 1913. FIFA was a seven country union of soccer countries, it includes France, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain (Madrid FC), Sweden and Switzerland.

Since 1920’s soccer were played by women, but due to controversies some leagues were banned and it was only 1991 when FIFA women world cup started.

First FIFA world cup was held in 1930 at Uruguay, though it was dubbed as unofficial and it was officially inaugurated 1958, and held in Europe and American region.

FIFA is held every 4 years, the last FIFA was this year and won by Germany. Qualifying tournaments are held where 190-200 countries fight on each and their respective continents. The road to world cup will summon the champions of these continents and 32 national teams will only play for the coveted cup.

Though the Brazil lost in the 2014 FIFA world cup badly, the country still holds the most championship in the cup, they appeared 7 times and won 5 of the World Cup titles.

Miroslav Klose, a member of the 2014 World Cup Champions Germany holds the most goal scored in the competition, 16 goals and he player in four consecutive years of the World Cup, 2002, 2006, 2010, 2014.

Mario Gotze might have made his mark as one of the youngest goal scorer in the last FIFA final game, but it’s “Pele” Edson Arantes do Nascimento of Brazil who holds the record, his finals goal was scored at the age of 17 years, 8 months and 6 days in 1958 clash against Sweden.

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