7 Holiday Season Gift Ideas for Teachers

Hi kids, check our mega list of gift ideas that you can give to your teachers at school for the coming season of gift giving. It’s about time to return the favor to our teachers – show them love and appreciation this holiday season. From time to time we will update this list to make sure that we will won’t run out of holiday treats for teachers!

diy mugs
Teachers love to drink hot coffee or tea whenever they work extra time. A personalized mug with your own thank you message should work perfect for your gift.

Cookies, chocolates and other sweets. Nobody will refuse this sweet offer for holidays.

spa jar
Give your teacher a treat! Spa jar is one the best treat that you can give to your teacher.

bookmarks diy
Teachers love reading, DIY bookmarks are easy to create and your teacher would appreciate the effort.

sticky notes
You can never go wrong with sticky notes and other usable supplies.

Notebook and planners are also good idea to give this holiday season. Teachers love writing down notes, to have a piece of notebook or planner is definitely a luxury for them.

greeting cards
Nothing beats a personalized greeting card. You can always write your personal thoughts about your teacher, write your wishes and express all the things you want to say.

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