10 Important Safety Rules in Swimming Lessons

swimming safety

Swimming is a great after school activity that can be enjoyed by many people, especially kids. This is why it’s important to teach our kids safety rules in swimming even if we can’t be there during their activity. Here are important safety guidelines kids should remember:

Rule#1: Always swim in designated areas assigned by your coach or areas where lifeguards can see you – We parents should remind our kids that not all swim pools have the same depth measurement. It’s easier for a swim coach and a lifeguard to supervise swimmers on following this.

Rule#2: Always swim with the group or a friend. This is the easiest way to be safe during swimming lessons, to have someone look after you during such activity.

Rule#3: Always remind your kid to ask for permission before taking a dip into the water. Do not go immediately on the water without a go signal from a swim coach or supervisor.

Rule#4: Most swimming lessons for kids allow parents to be on the venue. If you can watch over your kid throughout the period, that will surely guarantee your kid’s safety.

Rule#5: Break the myth, people who know how to swim can still drown and be in danger. The last thing that you want for your kid is for him to be confident and lose focus when in swim.

Rule#6: If the pool is an open area, make sure that your kid is protected from sunburn and other heat related dangers. Have your kid wear a sun block with SPF 50, 20 to 15 minutes before the swimming lesson starts.

Rule#7: Do not panic and dive immediately when you saw that someone is in danger. Teach your kids how to call for help when someone is in need of assistance, call the swimming supervisor or lifeguards attention every time.

Rule#8: We parents should inspect the swimming area first before putting our kid into a program. This could help us assess the capability of the service provider to keep the swimming lesson safe for kids.

Rule #9: Always ask for important details about the service provider, from address to telephone number of the company to government certifications and instructor accreditation.

Rule #10: Get acquainted with your kid’s swimming coach. This will give you a better and faster communication at times of emergency.

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