How Science Help Kids Have a Better Future

When we were a kid, we often ask all the weirdest questions to our moms – “Why is the sky blue?”, “How fishes breathe underwater?” and so on. Science help explain these weird questions, and this is why study of science is important.

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Science aids curiosity. Kids are born curious and always ask questions, science help solve many of these questions by using experiments to solve hypothesis and come up with conclusions. Though not all experiments solve the problem, often it can teach kids identify contributing factors why the problem wasn’t solve and try again. The perseverance to find the answer to the curious mind can become an important skill on child’s growth.

Science help kids develop strong research abilities. In science, kids learn how to form a hypothesis, gather requirements and data, test solutions and identify the best answer to the problem. These skills are important and can be used by our kids as they grow up. For example, research allowed humanity cure many diseases and develop new way of life for better living.

Science push kids practice communication skills during experiments. Teachers give the instruction and the materials for the experiment, kids need to listen and ask questions before the experiment commence and keep the communication open with other team members while at session.

Science helps kids understand other people’s opinion. There are topics in science where different individuals have their best answer based on what they have experienced or tested. It can be considered as “opinions” that can vary from one person to another. For example, a medical laboratory result can be interpreted by different doctors, often times doctors tells a patient to ask for “second opinion”. When kids understand the value of opinion, they learn to respect others and could make them a better person as they grow up.

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Science helped us have a better living and have a better future. Science helped humans exist in Earth for thousands of years, with all the technology and advance studies, we are able to develop sustainable resources that even our kids and their grand children can benefit of.

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