5 Christmas Decor DIY Project for Moms and Kids

HO HO H0! Moms and kids, here are five awesome Christmas decor DIY projects that moms and kids can create and enjoy at family weekends. There’s 30+ more days before holidays start! It’s not yet late to decorate your home and setup a Christmas tree that the whole family will surely love.

Wishing your family a MERRY CHRISTMAS! – a warm greeting from AfterschoolAE, the leading booking management platform of after school activities for kids in UAE.

#1. Christmas Snowflakes – Colored Paper and Scissor

christmas snow flakes

#2. Star on top of the tree – Learn how to fold a paper (thin box) to become a star that you can put on top of the tree.

star on top

#3. Christmas Tree DIY – Used carton box and used ribbon + pins

christmas tree - ribbon and cup

#4. Snow jar – Create a snow falling jar with used bottle jars, glitters and any ornaments you want inside the jar.

snow jar

#5. Christmas lights + ping pong balls, add a fancy look to your Christmas lights.

christmas lights tricks

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