Science Experiments Moms and Kids Can Do at Home

Kids are born curious and explorers, whether at home or at school, they love trying out things through experiments., the largest source of after school activities in UAE created a list of science projects and experiments that moms and kids can enjoy.

Before the experiment:

It is important that these experiments should be done with parents supervision. Use a pen and paper to record observations and conlusions during the experiment. Always consider use of safety gloves, gown and goggles.

Experiment #1 – Floating Egg Experiment

egg salt experiment

Prepare a piece of egg, a basin or a jar, a liter of water and salt.

1. Add water to the jar or basin.
2. Add a good volume of salt (up to 6 tablespoons).
3. Slowly put the egg into the water and record your observation.

Water that has salt is denser than ordinary water, the denser the water or the liquid is, the higher the chance that the egg or any material will float. This is the same explanation why it’s easier to float on a salt sea.

Experiment #2 – Oil and Water, Do They Mix Together?

oil water

Prepare an empty plastic bottle or a cup, a spoon of cooking oil and water.

1. Add water to the bottle or cup.
2. Drop a spoon of oil to the water.
3. When you put it on a bottle, seal it with a cup and shake it.
4. When you put it on a cup, stir it with any material.
5. Record observation.

H2o molecules are strongly attached to one another, this is the same for oil, this is why they don’t mix together. The oil floats on top because it denser than the water.

Experiment #3 – Diet Coke and Mentos Mix

coke mentos

Prepare a large bottle of diet coke, pack of mentos a funnel or anything that can cover your bottle.

1. Put the diet coke in top of the table, uncap it.
2. Slowly drop mentos into your bottle of diet coke and cover it.
3. Stay away for about a five feet and observe
4. Record the burst and enjoy

Softdrinks are bully because of the carbon dioxide inside it, even without adding a mentos to it, these carbon dioxide add pop and burst to the coke. When you drop something to the coke, an increase on the surface area occurs and therefore the burst speeds up.

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