Growth Hack #13: Moms Grow Up Too

Today’s post goes through important lessons that I learned on being a parent. Every day we continue to learn new things and discover new ways that make us grow not only as a mom or dad, but as a good and loving parent for our kids.

family picture
(Me and my kids)

Here are important lessons that I learned about being a parent.

Stumble and Fall, Let Them Learn Their Lessons

As a parent, we cannot always be the solution to their problems. We can’t always be the rescue and helping hand that will correct their mistakes and solve their struggles. Indeed we parents can find a way to smoothen everything, but when kids learn why they stumble and fall – it teaches them a lot in life.

We can still offer our kids help by giving them the encouragement that they need. We can also light up a path that they can take and head on as they solve their problems and get over the humps.

Be the Teacher of Everything

Trust me, the questions and the curiosity of your kid is never ending. They ask the weirdest question and you as a parent should be ready on providing the best answer for your kid.

At the earliest stage, babies can learn from simple things that we do – from humming songs, clapping our hands, doing peek-a-boos, these are just few things that we can do to engage our babies.

I teach my kid to clean up all her toys and put them on a box after use.
I teach my kid the importance of brushing teeth.
I teach my kids values and life lessons through children’s books reading.
I teach my kids the importance of respect towards other.

We Are All Unique Individuals

Learn how to pause and stop comparing your kid from what you were when you were a child. Stop comparing your kid to her siblings. Your kid is unique and special the way she/he is. Avoid setting high expectations that can only lead to heartbreaks. Learn how to love them for what they are and let them experience childhood the way they can.

Always Be a Parent to Your Kids

At the end of the day, parents still make the toughest decisions. Be the parent who understands the importance of authority and power. Set rules and guidelines that kids need to follow, make them understand that each members of the family has to play their role.


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