10 Awesome Indoor Kids Activities That Families Can Enjoy This Holiday Season

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Holiday is coming, short school vacation is getting near, if you want to keep your kids busy and have an awesome vacation even at home. Here’s a list of indoor kids games that you can try.

1. Board Games

Chutes and ladders, monopoly, chess and scrabble – nothing beats these classic board games and surely kids will enjoy their time playing with mom and dad. Board games can teach your kids on following rules, fairness and consequences of every turns.

2. Pencil-and-paper games

From tic-tac-toe to battleship, pencil and paper games can get your kids busy and enjoy their indoor time this holiday season. All you need are pencils and paper to start the game.

3. Building Blocks

You don’t need to buy pricy building block toys, your kids can enjoy this game by simply using sticks, cards, boxes and even scrap woods. Kids can compete with one another and fight for a reward or prize. Building blocks and solving puzzles can help kids improve their analytical skills and imagination at the same time.

4. Puzzles

Solving puzzles allow kids to become creative and practice problem-solving skills at the same time. You don’t need to buy puzzle every time you play the game, all you need to do is a photo or any print out, cut it and connect the pieces of pictures.

5. Magic Moms

Mom’s can practice easy to learn magic tricks even at home. Here are some of the resources that we found in the internet that you can try:


6. Card games

Kids can enjoy their free time with card games such as go fish, memory and concentration, crazy eights, old maid, slap jack etc. Learn these kid friend cardgames here

7. Paper Dance – Freeze Em All

Look for kid friendly tunes that can make your kids and his friends dance, turn the volume up and let them get into groove until the music stop, they have to freeze and wait for the music to play again. Parties add more color to this game by making people dance in a circle of chair or newspaper.

8. Box of Surprises

Grab set of boxes, put something inside it and make kids guess what’s inside it by allowing them put their hand inside the box “no peeking”. Kids can practice their sensory skills on this game and enjoy the game at the same time.

9. Treasure hunting

Kids love finding objects, these games can be played both indoor and outdoor, hide objects and have your kids find them in exchange of a reward.

10. Blow, Chase and Pop Bubbles

You don’t need to spend a dime on this game, all you need is dishwashing soap and water. Dip the straw and blow the gently and enjoy as bubbles pop out from the straw. Either you compete who produce the largest bubble or count the bubbles that your kids can pop.

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