to Launch a Mobile Application for Android and iOS

afterschool on mobile to Launch a Mobile Application for Android and iOS

Today, we announce plans to launch our very own mobile application, which aims at reaching more parents like yourself, looking for after school activities for their children.

The world is going mobile, and owing to this, has decided to launch a mobile application to fill the dearth in the communication between parents and activity providers.

We understand that you keep your mobile devices handy, which is why about 50% of the visitors on come through the mobile platform. The mobile application will further improve customer convenience enabling parents to view, plan and book activities for their children directly from their mobile devices. The mobile application will be launched for Android as well as the iOs platform, being compatible with the latest software updates.

Just like the website, the application will remain free to join for parents. All business listings from the website will be available on the mobile application and will be updated as regularly as the website.

We will be sure to give you a shout once we launch, and we look forward to you enjoying our latest offering!

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