Why is Fitness important for Children?

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In a world dominated by electronic devices which are engaging, fun and educational, it is easy to move less and less on a daily basis. Great shops and restaurants with delivery service around you which are easily accessible and amazing online platforms through which you can order almost anything means life in the UAE is convenient, friendly and oh so easy and we love it but we don’t love that 60 percent of school children in the UAE are overweight with nearly 30 percent being obese. The rising rate of diabetes in children is also alarming and with lifestyle, weather, traffic and time constraints children get tired, lethargic and gain weight. The solution? Make Fitness a part of their lifestyle from an early age so it becomes a habit and an integral part of their living. Not every child will be a sports star and shy children often move away from sports which are comptetitive even though they may enjoy them and so lose out on the health benefits.

My Gym UAE is a children’s fitness centre where children from as young as 6 months upto 13 years are provided an age appropriate, safe, fun environment in which to work on general fitness levels while having fun. In fact they do not even know they are “working out” with sports and gymnastic skills, hanging, balancing, tumbling, balancing, dance, yoga and other elements built into a program with a 25 year track record of producing healthy kids and young adults. Most importantly, the program is not competitive and each child is challenged at their own level as self esteem and confidence is as important in the healthy development of a child as is strength and flexibility.

With 2 branches in Jumeirah and Lulu Hypermarket Building Al Barsha, My Gym UAE brings fitness to your doorstep and the small class sizes and action packed birthday parties with an emphasis on physical movement rather than food mean your children get the attention and encouragement they need and deserve.

So here’s to wonderful holidays with yummy food made by grandma and lots of presents and treats from Santa and lots of parties with good friends and family and to health and fitness made fun the My Gym way in our Winter Camp open to all from 18 months upwards (children below 3 must have an accompanying adult). Give the gift of fitness to those you love and create healthy successful young people. Happy holidays and a wonderful year ahead in 2015!

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