Educational Games for Kids, Available On Your iPad

It’s a lazy weekend, you sit at home watching your favorite TV show and your kid wants to interrupt you to watch his favorite cartoon – what can you do? The easiest escape probably is to hand your iPad to your kid, but your ipad needs to be safe for your kids, grab this list of educational games that your kid can enjoy and explore learning at the same time.

Dr. Frankenstein’s Body Lab

frankenstein body lab
This is app is so cool, it reminds me of my anatomy class in the science lab. Kids will learn the basic parts of the body and how they function – “Is it alive?” Download the app here

Monster Physics

monster physics
Another cool app for kids, monster physics allow your kids to build structures and machines using basic parts that makes the machine work and science. Kids will experience building wheels, rockets, cannons, cars, cranes and even a helicopter. Get it on itunes, here.

Alien Assignment

alien assignment
A fun game that enhance your kids problem solving skills and discovery. Meet the Gloop family, a family in need of help to repair their spaceship to go back to their home planet. Alien assignment is a well known app in the US with over 100,000 downloads. Download the game here.

Math Board

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, this app can help enhance your kid math skills and enjoy numbers at the same time. Download here

Sound Touch for Toddlers

Currently have select categories, vehicles, music instruments and animal sounds. Let your kid tap the picture and they will hear how that particular picture sounds. Tap a picture of a bird and here their twits. Tap a picture of a trumpet and hear the sound. Get it on itunes.

123 Kids Fun Games

A collection of fun games for kids ages 3 to 7, kids will learn the alphabet, numbers, sounds, shapes, music and words. Presented colorful and engaging, a must have app for little kids. Download the game here.

Brainpop Featured Movie

Do your kids love fun and amazing facts and trivia? Science, Math, English, Engineering, Tech, Arts, Music and Healthy Education – all rich content in one fun app. Brainpop includes a daily updated fact video that kids can enjoy watching and learning at the same time. Get brainpop here.

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