Inside 10 of the Best Posts this 2014

What a year! We collected ten of the best blogposts inside and put them in one mega list. Learn how to choose the best after school activity for your kids, what’s best out there in UAE, parenting tips and tricks, and how you can save more money. Plus bonus kids stuff that you will surely love.

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1. Lunch Box Ideas

Check out our collection of lunch box ideas for kids. If you are looking to add fun and color to your kids meal for school then check this blog post and get all the recipes that you need. Your school kids need a better source of nutrition in order to grow healthy and ready for school. See it here.

2. After School Activities, Pros and Cons

We collected many of the best after school activities and take our loyal readers to the pros and cons of different activities. Get to know important facts and trivia about swimming, basketball, volleyball, soccer, martial arts, ballet, dance lessons and more. See here.

3. Kids and Cellphone

When is the right time for your kid to have a cellphone? We create a special infographic post to help parents understand the importance of choosing the right timing on giving their kid a cellphone. Let’s face it, kids nowadays are more exposed to hazardous and malicious content. See here

4. Halloween Special, Vampires and Zombies

Can’t get enough of Halloween? See our Halloween themed infographic and check out fun and interesting information about the most favorite characters of Halloween – vampires and zombies. See here.

5. Healthy Snacks

Is your kid active and always on the move? Then this list of healthy snack is what your kid need. This set of recipes and meal ideas provide your kids the energy that they need every day. Discover the best option for your kid by checking out this post. See here.

6. Cosleeping

See afterschoolAE’s first infographic, “How Co-Sleeping Can Help”, a useful post for moms who have little angels. If you are considering cosleeping with your baby, then check this presentation and discover important benefits of cosleeping. See here.

7. ADHD and After School

Is your kid suffering from ADHD? Or are they way too energetic for you to handle? Worry no more. Here’s a list of afterschool activities that will not only keep them busy but this list will teach them the best discipline in order to redirect their hyper energy. See here.

8. Choosing after school activities

Here’s a list of important considerations that parents should checkout before enrolling their kids to an after school program. See here.

9. Gifted Child

Is your child gifted? Here’s a blog post that talks on how to know if your child is gifted. This is an important skill that parents should have in order to address their kids learning curve. If your child is gifted, you need to find the best school for your kid that can challenge him every once in a while. See here.

10. Is your kid ready for sports?

Here’s another good post this 2014, how can we tell if our kid is ready for sports? Sports preparedness tackles with 3 important considerations, physical health, mentally health and socially ready for sports. See here.

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