5 Most Popular Hairstyles for Your Boy Inspired by Celebs

In this two-part series on hairstyles by Afterschool.ae, we will show you some of the most unique and prettiest hairstyles you can do on your little girls. But now, it’s the boys turn to take the runway! Check out these five most popular hairstyles for your boy—modelled and worn by the world’s most recognisable and stylish celebrities!


  1. Spiky – David Beckham

    The Spiky haircut is most probably the go-to haircut for athletes in any sport because it’s very stylish and incredibly easy to maintain. David sported the Spiky do for most of his playing days and it’s not hard to see why. It’s very versatile; looks good on any facial shape, can be done on short to medium hair length, and it goes well with other style combinations such as the fade and textured.

  2. mcconaughey-curly
    Curls – Matthew McConaughey

    For those blessed with the wavy hair gene, it’s best to just flaunt it out. The curls give off a natural and cute, good boyish vibe that doesn’t try hard—just like this Texas heartthrob, Matthew McConaughey. Whether short or long, curly dos just stand out. However, you can add more pep to the curls when you grow them out a couple of inches long and pair it with a messy and textured cut.

  3. zac-mop-top
    Mop top – Zac Efron

    The appeal of the mop top varies from person to person but one thing is for sure—it’s been very popular in recent years. We think it’s because of the juvenile charm and the long-hair-don’t-care attitude it reflects. In his earlier days as a High School Musical star, Zac Efron used to rock this do. Justin Bieber did so too. This is perfect for long haired boys out there because it only works on long hair. Keep it stylish with textured bangs and layered locks.

  4. Leo-side-part
    Side part – Leonardo Di Caprio

    You can do absolutely no wrong by picking this classic hairstyle because it just works on anyone and with Leo. It’s super cute and clean to boot too. Your boy can ditch his soccer kit and go straight to his tux in a jiffy with this haircut–without losing pizzazz. However, it only works best on medium length hair so you either have to grow or cut hair.

  5. buzz-kobe
    Buzz cut – Kobe Bryant

    The buzz cut is best suited for the ultimate champ who thinks that having a crown of hair just slows him down. And as we all know, Kobe doesn’t want anything slowing him down. It’s a revelation to see how wearing so little hair can produce so much attitude. If you don’t mind an edgy, almost bad boy air this no-fuzz hairdo draws then try it out on your boy, just to spice things up.

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