DIY Activities #2: 5 Absolutely Adorable Hairstyles for Your Lil’ Gals

In this two-part series of children’s hairstyle, is going to present some of the most creative and popular hairstyles for your beloved boys and girls! In this section, you are going to learn 5 new dos that are going to look gorgeous on your little girl while enjoying some time together. What’s more, we even included instructions on how to do each one of them. Enjoy!

  • celtic-knot-hairThe Celtic Knot

    As luck would have it, you can now have a piece of an Irish-inspired symbol with you. The Celtic Knot may look simple but it’s a pretty stubborn hairstyle to make if you don’t practice. You can learn how to make The Celtic Knot here.

  • basket-weave-hairThe Basket Weave Braid

    One of the more popular, albeit tricky, braided hairstyles is the Basket Weave Braid because it requires consistent, repetitive, and dexterous moves. One misstep and the whole do might be ruined. But once achieved, you will garner nothing but praise! Here’s a tutorial on how to make the Basket Weave Braid by using a styling comb.

  • Waterfall-braid-hairThe Waterfall Braid

    Perhaps one of the most playful and sweet looking braided hairstyles out there, the Waterfall Braid is certainly popular on both adults and young ones alike. It might look like a complicated piece to achieve, but it’s actually one of the easiest and most basic styles to do. Go over here to start learning how to make the Waterfall Braid.

  • knotted-headband-braidThe Knotted Headband Braid

    If you know how to tie your shoelaces, then you can make the Knotted Headband Braid. Made popular by the knotted accessory, now you can wear one without having to buy the headband because you’re going to use your own hair! Know how to make it here.

  • bow-bun-hairThe Bow Bun

    Another whimsical hairstyle that’s popularized by a common accessory is the Bow Bun. What’s good about this is you can do it even with short hair. Turn your girl’s hair into a work of art by following the instructions here. For those who want to know how to make the Bow Bun for short hairstyles, you can go here.

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