Afterschool’s Definitive Child Road Safety Guide (Infographic)

In this post, you can understand and have a better outlook on road safety, particularly child road safety. Knowing and applying these safe steps is considered as a significant contribution towards creating more vibrant and liveable communities and attaining safe and sustainable transport to the benefit of all who use the roads.

A Look at Child-related Road Accidents Worldwide

4 minutes.

Every 4 minutes, a child in some part of the world is involved in a road accident.

According to the World Health Organization: For children 15-17 years old, there is no greater threat to their lives than road traffic crashes.

Boys account for nearly twice as many road traffic deaths as girls worldwide. This increased risk for boys is thought to be due to greater exposure to traffic, as well as a tendency for boys to take more risks than girls, especially as adolescents.

38% of children involved in road accidents are pedestrians in Low to Middle income countries.

36% of children involved in road accidents are passengers in High income countries.

Traffic accidents are preventable. In doing these, you can save and spare thousands of children’s lives, many nations’ spring of countless resources.

Let’s take a look at the Definitive Child Road Safety Guide in cooperation with the United Nations.

child road safety infographic

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