Blended Learning

The meaning and concept of Early Years education has taken a complete turn in the last few years. With immense research on the dynamics and needs in Early Years education and also with a change of mindset in the current generation, the need to shift our focus from ‘teaching’ to ‘learning’ was evident.

With our little ones coming in with a firm mind of their own and an impeccable ability to articulate their thoughts through creativity which goes beyond our imagination, there was an increasing need to strike a sound balance between respecting their individuality, catering to their growing needs and at the same time meeting parental expectations.


This is when we, at Ambassador Education, decided to adopt a curriculum which provided a fine blend of guided focus by teachers and opportunities for independent learning for children through play-way approach. Since 2012, Ambassador Kindergarten has taken a schoolwide approach to integrating independent learning as part of their instructional framework. Driven by changes already happening at the higher education levels and the need to prepare students for the 21st century workplace, blended learning has facilitated a variety of ways to address student needs, differentiate instruction and provide teachers with ample opportunities for instructional decision-making. All this through a balance of self-initiated, teacher guided, experiential, experimental, creative and innovative learning experiences. Facilitators have replaced teachers and children have begun to take up responsibility of their own learning. Increased confidence in children and refined social manners; use of varied and specific vocabulary in all areas; escalated urge to investigate and explore their surroundings – are among the foremost and evident advantages of this approach. The quantity and quality of learning content has gone beyond parental expectations too.

Blended learning requires a willingness to let go and accept that children are capable of learning without ‘Me’ teaching. Ambassador administrators knew that this would be a challenge and could be intimidating for their teachers initially. But through the sands of time, the benefits of doing so have outweighed the challenges and this approach has supported maximum impact of positive learning in our children. Three years down the lane and Ambassador Nursery & Kindergarten have almost 17 classes that have transitioned into a blended learning model.

Blended learning has become a core component of Ambassador Nursery & Kindergarten.

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