What is BrainOBrain? It is a Brain Development Skill.

Most humans use @ 10% of their brains resources. At BrainOBrain students will be able to use up to 15% – that is a 50% improvement!

BrainOBrain uses the abacus as a tool, but we don’t teach maths. It is a Brain development skill. We use arithmetic skills to develop the mental ability of the children. We use numbers to increase the productivity of the brain and enhance the mind power. It allows children to multi task efficiently. For example they will be able to listen and concentrate in class while taking quality notes.

Children are able to concentrate better. Their memory improves. They see that their potential is enormous and achievable. This brings a change in their attitude, personality and self-confidence.

Children find that once they have learnt to use their resources, then they flourish in all their subjects and extracurricular activities and their attitude changes.

BrainOBrain multifaceted activities motivate your child to pool his/her talents and perform at their best individually and as a team player. It nurtures values like trust, co-operation, morale, etc.

BrainOBrain activities ignite your child’s hidden potential and imagination improving his/her creative thinking. It also enriches motor, language and cognitive skills ensuring good mind fitness.

BrainOBrain uses Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) for children. It is introduced in a Kids friendly manner. This is how you make sense of your world and more importantly how to make it what you want to be.

BrainOBrain empowers children to express themselves using the right words, and attain a powerful vocabulary improving their conversational skills.

BrainOBrain develops your child’s concentration, memory, imagination, listening skills, learning ability, visualization, confidence, decision making, creativity, thinking skills, leadership qualities, problem solving skills, communication skills, speed and accuracy.

The best part is that this is a life-long skill, and how they change will be with them forever and help them with any of the tasks they encounter in their life.

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