Top Benefits of taking a pottery class for children

Clay has always held a particular fascination for me. As a child, I longed to be able to work with clay and enjoyed making basic sculptural pieces with whatever materials I could find.

homa behind the pot

Later on, when I was finally able to work with clay, I noticed how relaxing it was to feel this medium in my hands. The therapeutic benefits of clay are endless, both for adults and children. Pinching and molding the clay helps children’s motor skills, while simultaneously calming and settling the mind. It is particularly beneficial to children who are hyper active.

In a pottery class of children, it is usually hard to distinguish a child suffering from ADD or similar conditions from others. As the beautiful soothing texture of clay takes over the mind and calms the spirit of every participant equally.

The process of pottery learning is not a rapid one, therefore another benefit of learning pottery is that it encourages children to learn patience.

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When working on the wheel, I often ask my students to close their eyes as they shape the clay, so as to use their sense of touch to feel the clay and to see with their fingertips rather than their eyes.

Everyone can create a piece of art using clay as a medium. The sky is the limit when it comes to the choices and possibilities of what can be made. Students are encouraged to learn all the techniques such as Pinch, Slab, Coil and throwing on the Potter’s wheel. They will be able to make functional and decorative pieces such as bowls, mugs, baskets, animals, houses, holiday and birthday gifts etc.

So bring your children, and let them come and join the fun of playing with clay and discover the creative artist hidden inside each of them.


Homa Farley, Founder & Owner of Abu Dhabi Pottery Est.

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