Masterminds Nursery set to offer enrichment programs to “multiply your child’s intelligence”

Pioneering early childhood development programs  – a first in the Middle East – launched in Dubai

Masterminds Education, the global experts in leading-edge early childhood development, is the first of its kind in the UAE to offer pioneering nursery and kindergarten level education. Based on over 60 years of research and practical application of sophisticated learning methodologies, developed and tested worldwide, Masterminds Education’s programs will offer children, between the ages of eighteen months and six years old, a superior grasp of reading, maths, knowledge, languages, music, physical and social development.

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At the official launch event for parents at the Mina A’ Salam, Madinat Jumeirah, Masterminds Education welcomed Douglas Doman, a leading authority in early childhood development. As one of the best-selling authors of the Gentle Revolution Series, which includes How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence, Masterminds Education’s guest speaker detailed how children can get a head start in life and maximize the amazing learning capabilities that children up to six years have.

Commenting on the official announcement and event, Tania Siddiqi, Co-Founder and Director of Masterminds Education said:

“Masterminds Nursery offers a joyous, enriching and integrated early learning curriculum that combines a mother’s traditional wisdom with 60 years of leading-edge research in child development. The aim being: to create Intellectual, Physical and Social Excellence in all children age eighteen months to six years.”

“As a mother, this is what drew me in to this concept and the extraordinary results that I have witnessed with my own daughter and other children in different environments worldwide. This was the true inspiration that led me to establish Masterminds Nursery and bring this to the parents in the UAE,” added Tania.

Speaking about the launch event, Tania said:

“We were absolutely delighted to have Douglas Doman, our exclusive education partner, coming to Dubai to be part of our showcase event, in the UAE.”

“As one of the world’s leading authorities on early childhood learning and development, we are certain many parents will be fascinated to learn how their child can get the best start in life and how Masterminds Nursery’s innovative methodologies can provide the best opportunities for their child – and well into their adulthood.”

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Highlighting the commonly-held understanding, backed by scientific research, that children up to the age of six years old have a much higher capacity for learning than at any other point in their life, Tania pointed to the fact that Masterminds Nursery’s programs operate by acknowledging young children’s innate and instinctive desire to learn – as long as the process is joyous and operates at the pace of the child.

“We simply harness this innate desire and provide opportunities, experiences, and guidance to develop intellectual, physical and social excellence within each child. In fact, the ethos at Masterminds Education is that there are only two lasting bequests we can give our children: One is ‘roots’, the other ‘wings’. At Masterminds Education, our deepest desire is to give your child both a strong foundation in life and the ability to soar in all areas, going forward,” concluded Tania.

About Masterminds Education

Masterminds Education is an early years education company, offering enrichment programs that integrate a mother’s traditional wisdom with 60 years of leading-edge research in child development to create intellectual, physical and social excellence, in children age eighteen months to six years.

Masterminds Nursery is the only one of its kind, in the Middle East region, to offer its pioneering learning methodology that both nurtures and unveils the genius within every child. Each of Mastermind Nursery’s enrichment programs are conducted in an active and joyous learning environment, catered to the individual learning styles of each child. The programs enable each child to experience a love for learning, a trait that carries forward from childhood into adult life.

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The Masterminds Nursery programs include French and Arabic language immersion, learning to play the violin, gymnastics and swimming, as well as enrichment programs that will ensure all children can read fluently, do maths and have exceptional knowledge, physical and social awareness, by the age of six. These have been proven to be the building blocks of a strong, well-rounded childhood – and beyond, into a successful adult life.

Encouraged and guided by the principle of a child’s natural instinct to learn, and a child’s early years have been identified as the years most crucial to a child’s learning foundation; children who are introduced to this specialized methodology have proven to develop their intelligence, physical and social skills at a much-improved rate.

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