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Finding ways to restyle previously worn, tired and used clothing can be creatively rewarding as well as go a long way toward championing ‘ethical fashion’. Additionally, in times of financial cut backs we can save money otherwise spent on new clothes. In this article we will explore ideas and methods to re – style and re – fashion your wardrobe and children’s clothes while having a fabulously fun time. There are many methods to add a new lease of life to clothes; embellishing, dying, hand painting and re – sewing. Some may not even require any stitching at all.

One of the simplest revamps by way of embellishing, is to replace those old boring buttons on cardigans, jackets or cuffs with an alternative set. Depending on the style of the garment, try vintage, diamante, or brass, for a whole new look. For those ‘in the know’, there are many small retailers in the Satwa area of Dubai, such as ‘Fida’ situated opposite …………….. This Aladdin’s cave is a treasure trove of beautiful, decorative trifles just waiting to adorn your refashioned creations. For example, a plain white cotton shirt can be given a new lease of life with silver military style buttons. Or a how about adding Swarovski crystal buttons to a silk blouse. Children’s clothes can be decorated with a row of colourful new buttons. The possibilities are endless.


We all have at least one pair of jeans, never to be worn, hiding in the back of our wardrobe. Make them happy, bring them out and style them up. Try adding a touch of vintage lace to the hems for instant ‘shabby chic’ style. Or how about turning jeans into a pair of shorts, spiced up with tasseled trimmed hems and a colorful scarf belt threaded through the belt loops.

Have fun with a spray bottle of diluted bleach (work in a ventilated area away from children) and spray areas of the denim garment to create clouds of faded denim. When dry, work wet on wet with fabric markers to create bouquets of water colour flowers. Tweenies could have fun embellishing the flower designs with crystals or studs. The Fida store in Satwa supplies everything you need to add crystals, studs and eyelets, so mosey on down and take a look.

Another item we all have piles of, are good old tee shirts. As far as I am concerned tees are a blank canvas waiting to happen. There are simply hundreds of ways to re – fashion them. We can chop, twist, braid, paint or embellish, to create unique, ready to wear glad-rags. It would be foolish to try to list and illustrate the wide variety of methods here in this article. So we have sourced the best web sites and blog links for you to explore. From ‘ 33 Ways to Re – fashion’, to ‘10 Ways to Turn Scarves to Vests’, these web sites and links will have you ‘rifling trifles’ down in Satwa in no time at all. After all, we believe that sharing is caring, and we at FDK Fashion Designer Kidz champion ‘Passion, for Ethical Fashion’ and hope you will too.


Lynn Nolan, Managing Director of Fashion Designer Kidz

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