30% Discount at Roots & Wings Nursery Al Jafilia

‘Fostering young minds, helping shape future leaders’.

The above is not just a fancy tagline; it’s a touchstone for everything we do, and everything we stand for as Roots and Wings Nursery. This thought is central to our existence and is a perpetual goal that we have defined for ourselves. To make the world an even better place, we need to start valuing the importance of quality education for our children, which will help form their thoughts and vision of a sustainable, healthy and happy world in the future. This journey must start at the dawn of learning in the early childhood days. Every child is entitled to quality education with care and encouragement – and this is precisely what Roots and Wings Nursery offers, with absolute dedication.


Our aim is to provide each child with an opportunity to develop his or her potential in an enriching, relaxed and friendly environment. At Roots and Wings Nursery, we believe in the process of “Learning by Doing”. A child needs to ‘explore’, ‘learn’ and ‘enjoy’ in order to understand the world around them. We encourage children to be the positive recipients of knowledge by offering them holistic, age-appropriate activities, in line with the established EYFS Framework.

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