Hang Out Reviews – James and the Giant Peach – 13 May 2016


Hang Out Reviews – James and the Giant Peach – 13 May 2016


Star Rating: One Star –  Fair

We attended, ‘James and the Giant Peach’ at Ductac Theatre in the Mall of Emirates, this past weekend. Our Mummy reviewer was very willing to have her little ones entertained all in the name of culture. A Roald Dahl classic she had high hopes and was excited to see the show.

Contributed by: Afterschool.ae Mummy Reviewer

We arrived at the Theatre which was a good size with a nostalgic atmosphere. In hast we made our way to Costa Coffee to equip ourselves with all our usual cravings, but sadly popcorn was not available and settled for a muffin instead.

We were seated to the right of the stage, and with no ushers in site we took advantage of the empty seats and sneakily moved ourselves up a few rows.

As the show started we applauded with excitement and my little ones moved to the edge of their chairs, eyes pierced and ready to be entertained. The actors engaged the audience and the kids loved them and listened to their every word, however being a late show it appeared the actors were slightly tired.

The set design looked like it had seen many a show and was basic, the costumes were simple and conventional.

The scene with the seagulls was underwhelming as a representation of the hundreds of seagulls that would have lifted James and his Giant Peach! My little boy looked at me and laughed as he explained, “Mummy that’s silly, they won’t be able to lift that Peach!” and I thought to myself that maybe with lighting and visual graphics this could have been conveyed a little better.

The shark that came raging through the make shift waves propelled by actors was rather wimpy in design and again my little boy laughed as he said “It’s a man not a Shark!” I smiled as I told him to use his imagination. Overall we scored the show: One Star – Fair.

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