Hang Out Reviews – The Tiger Who Came to Tea – 17 May 2016

Tiger That Came for Tea

Hang Out Reviews – The Tiger Who Came to Tea – 17 May 2016

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We attended, ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ at Madinat Theatre in Souk Madinat, yesterday. Having heard great reviews already, our Mummy reviewer was thrilled to be knocking on the theatre doors again with her little boy.

Contributed by: Afterschool.ae Mummy Reviewer

The Theatre had a “roar” of a crowd, with kids running around eager to the arrival of the ‘Tiger’.

We dashed to the food kiosk quickly. Our popcorn cravings were met with delight and topped off with sweeties which satisfied my little boy’s sweet tooth and to be honest mine too.

The Theatre was intimate, beautiful and had a wonderful vibe. We were seated towards the back, but we had very clear views of the stage which was set up with a realistic scene of a kitchen in a house. The stage lighting was great, enhanced with a ceiling ablaze with stars to my little boy’s fascination.

The show started with a bright introduction, and the actors set the scene with an early morning breakfast relatable of every household. Their costumes were spot on, classic and imaginative.

The show clock was amazing in its countdown, as the clock counted down, the kids and parents’ excitement was palpable. With huge eyes and toothy smiles, waiting in anticipation for what was coming next. Each scene developed, with humour, songs, dance, magic and imagination. The kids in the Theatre were laughing, singing and dancing… mind you so was I.

The Tiger strutting his stuff, bowing as a true gentleman, was the best part of the show. The magical plates that had food disappear as the Tiger gulfed down the cake and sandwiches was a highlight of the show and to my little boy’s amazement, him pulling at me and saying, “Mummy, where did the food go?”.

The amazing actors were true professionals, they captured the spirit of the book and engaged the audience. Overall we scored the show: Three Stars – Fantastic.

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