Stop Summer Brain Drain Unique Brain Training Accelerated Program

What if, instead of sliding backwards in academic skills over the summer, students could leap ahead?
Students of all ages who receive our training see dramatic gains in brain performance. That’s because our program strengthens the core cognitive skills that make up IQ and determine how well the brain thinks, learns, reads, reasons and even pays attention.

Our students “move up” in brain performance after finishing our programs! This summer, don’t settle for the summer slide when you can leap ahead in time for the start of the coming school year.
Our unique skills development programs are ongoing throughout the year and help children, adults, athletes and even seniors learn and perform much faster and easier

Book a Cognitive Skills Assessment that will give you a detailed look at how your child’s brain skills are performing right now.

The Brain Workshop- Brainy Summer Program

Special Offer: Avail Early Bird Registration throughout May 2016.

Register your child in our Accelerated Summer Program and see their life change.

Contact us TODAY to schedule an assessment and reserve your child’s place. Spots fill out fast.

Location: 310 Jumeirah terrace building, Jumeirah
O4- 3275075

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