Hang Out Reviews – Arabian Bubble Festival – 19th May 2016

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Hang Out Reviews – Arabian Bubble Festival – 19 May 2016

StarStarStar Rating:  Two Stars – Fun



Our mummy reviewer was out again this weekend, this time to witness the magic of bubbles at the ‘Arabian Bubble Festival’ at the Dubai Trade Centre. 

Contributed by: Afterschool.ae Mummy Reviewer

We arrived early in anticipation of giant bubbles. C’mon which kid never mind parent isn’t amazed at bubbles, they are hypnotic in character and we were ready for the 17:30 show to begin. Granted we were early having cleverly caught the metro to avoid traffic, so we made our way to Pappa Roti for a little bun indulgence.

Come the starting time, we headed for the queue and were taken aback to be told that the show was now starting at 18:30 or 19:00. We were surprised, and started getting anxious as we looked down at our two kids faces and began to panic at the meltdown that was soon to follow. 

Once we entered the venue, it was big and the stage had two well placed screens on either side. We sat in comfortable chairs with great views of the screens but as there were a few seats open we edged closer to the stage. 

The show was great with bubbles everywhere and our little ones were amazed, with cameras flashing as parents watched their kids taking pictures. The performers called out to the audience for some help and encouraged the kids  to join them on stage, with arms waving in high hopes of being picked, our little ones screamed, “Pick me, Pick me!”. This woke them up a little as it was now late and they were getting restless and tired. The kids helped with big bubbles and it was great to see them hands on.

The highlight of the show was when hundreds of balloons and bubbles came floating down, within seconds there were heaps of kids sprinting towards the stage in great excitement. We loved the bubbles, but as the show started late it left the kids exhausted and lacking in attention, thus overall we scored the show: Two Stars – Fun.

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