10 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Ramadan

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The holy month of Ramadan has started and it’s time for your children to welcome and embrace this holy observance. Here are some tips to get your children excited about Ramadan.

Talk to them about Ramadan:

Call a family meeting and tell your children why Ramadan is celebrated and what it means. Share stories and tell them what the sighting of the moon means. Also let them know that the family schedules will change and what they are expected to do.

Celebrate the beginning:

Celebrate the beginning of Ramadan. Bring in balloons, banners and other decorations for Ramadan Kareem and make your children participate in the celebration.

Narrate bedtime Ramadan stories:

Swap bedtime novels with bedtime Ramadan stories. Let them know how it all began and it will certainly get them interested and encourage them to live the celebrations.

Start small:

Even though children are not expected to observe the fast during the holy month of Ramadan, older kids usually want to be a part of it. Start small by allowing them to fast for 1 – 2 hours. Include them in Suhoor and Iftar.

 Arts and Crafts:

Create Ramadan arts and crafts with your children and let them display it in their room. This will surely get them excited.

 Sighting of the Moon:

Make sighting of the moon fun for the kids. Take them with you before the start and at the end of Ramadan for sighting the moon. Carry binoculars to make this fun.

Organise a Kid’s Iftar:

Invite your children’s friends over for an Iftar party. This will ensure that they can share their experiences with the family and friends.

Include Grandparents:

Children usually share a special bond with their grandparents. Invite elders in the family for a special Iftar evening.

Create a scrapbook:

Help your child create an annual scrapbook for Ramadan. They can write their experiences, what they learnt about Ramadan.

Eid Mubarak Cards:

Create greeting cards for Eid Mubarak with your children. Encourage them to distribute this amongst their friends and neighbours.

Hope these tips help you get your children excited about the holy month of Ramadan. Afterschool.ae wish you all Ramadan Kareem.

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