Hang Out Reviews – Fun City truly was FUN -8 June 2016

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Hang Out Reviews – Fun City truly was FUN -8 June 2016

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I am sure we’ve all walked past a Fun City at some point in our lives with one in every major Mall. As Mums we often avoid any place with bright lights, music, games and kids running around screaming. We often have a grocery shop on our mind, and our first thought is, ‘Look the other way’, ‘Don’t see it’, or we try our hand at the art of distraction and point our little ones attention in another direction. We know the urge for our kids to resist this play ‘Heaven’ is extremely tough, so when we were invited to send our Mummy Reviewer to go and check it out. She had a flurry of mixed emotions and set off… and this is what she had to say;

Fun City

Contributed by: Afterschool.ae Mummy Reviewer

We arrived at about 14:00 on a Wednesday, welcomed by friendly staff with big smiles. First thing was first we darted off to go load up on some money with the Power Card. The card was easy to load and with no mess of having to look for change and having the ‘Power’ in my hands, I felt a wave of calmness come over me as I could control things easier.

My son pulling tightly at my hand leading me very excitedly to the cars, as no boy could resist the thrill of speed, adrenaline, and brightly coloured cars, we steered our way to the entrance. We were measured for the right height, swiped our card and the security assisted us with making sure the kids were strapped up securely. My little boy’s feet were a wee to short of the pedals, so naturally I had to hop right in and help him off on his journey around the Fun City track. I hopped off having loads of fun myself, and my boy was in his element.

We walked around and found all the bright lights so inviting, it reminded us of the Fair back home. At every corner the kids started hopping and jumping ready to try their luck on every game they could imagine. We proceeded through a maze of games, pin ball machines, soft play areas and stopped at the ‘Claw’- a glass cage filled with tons of assorted teddies. A quick swipe of the Power Card, we were counted down to quickly pin point the most obvious target and directed the joystick in the direction of the Ninja Turtle Teddy with his feet sticking out. My heart jumped as we released the claw and my kids eyes were glued watching as the claws clasped at the toy, it started to move up and the Teddy started moving up slowly, but as if been held back by all the other Teddies he was pulled back into his friends. We did this for a good 10 minutes as we were determined we were going to get that Teddy. Let’s just say this… We lost that fight.

The kids were now familiar with all the areas in Fun City so we handed over the ‘Power’  to them and went to sit in the back seated area near the soft play which was exclusive for little toddlers. The older kids ran off swiping to their hearts content. Once sat down at the play area we felt an urge for something to drink and wished there was a little Café maybe that the adults could indulge in, regretfully there wasn’t anything. We watched on as our little girl bounced around the soft play area, laughing and giggling and feeling independent. It was a lovely area, secured with matching security bracelets, one for Mum and Baby, at a cost of AED 30.00 we could sit and relax as there was an age limit for the older kiddies and didn’t have to stress about having our little girl being knocked over by other bigger kids. She was calm and at ease and it was fabulous!

The highlight of the experience was the ‘tickets’ as for every game played we would get a stack full of tickets, a reward for playing well, with these stacking up and a toy counter overflowing with rewards in exchange, the kids were thrilled and had their eyes set on their ultimate prize. They had a target and their concentration kicked in. After about 2 hours of play, we decided it was time to end the day filled with fun and went off to count our final tickets to see if we were closer to getting that magical toy. Needless to say, the toy my little boy wanted was worth a lot more tickets than he had won, but he was not left disappointed as he had a wonderful choice of many other gifts and chose a set of Binoculars.  

Overall the area was neat, clean, and well kept, with a large variety of games. The music was not as loud as I had imagined.  The games were priced between AED4.00- AED11.00 with the play areas and babysitting services priced slightly higher, but reasonable in comparison to other similar venues.

I was pleasantly surprised, and enjoyed the experience more than I had imagined. My kids had loads of fun. The venue stood up to its’ name ‘Fun City’ as it truly was FUN. Overall we scored the venue and experience: Three/Three Stars – Fantastic!

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  • Kuldeep Mehat

    June 14, 2016 at 11:12 am

    Kids are “True Fan” of Fun City and Come play cards- My kids always keep saying” Papa let’s go to Fun City” and that’s all. Awesome atmosphere and locations amazing. Somehow not only kids” Parents do love” thank you


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