Why My Gym?

With all the summer camps on offer, and there are so many, why choose My Gym? The way we see it, we think it’s important that our instructors know every child by name, who their siblings and friends are and what they enjoy and, equally importantly, don’t enjoy doing. As any parent knows, no two children are the same so a cookie cutter, one size fits all approach does not work and leads to a bored, unfulfilled child which is a waste of time and money.

So how do we address this? Well our camps are smaller, divided into age appropriate groups which come together at the end to encourage younger and older to interact and support each other and the programme changes daily. Children are challenged at their own level.  Art is not just colouring pictures but looks at the work of grand masters, what made them special and we use those techniques to create our own masterpieces.  Craft is how to reuse and recycle materials to create useful things  but all the while you are actually developing fine and gross motor skills as well as encouraging campers to listen, share, learn and interact in a safe, fun environment.

Then there are the obvious benefits of health and fitness – it’s too hot to be outside and constant activity through a program drawing on 20 years of experience means tired, happy children who “worked out” without even knowing it. After 9 years of running camps we have listened, changed and refined and try and make it cost effective for multi child families without compromising on health and safety and the quality of the program.

SO… if you get a safe, clean space with highly trained staff, a diverse program with elements of the physical and creative, health benefits, a happy, challenged child all at a price set with families in mind, the real question is Why NOT My Gym?

Perhaps we should let the children answer that one. Come join the fun!


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