Summer Camp For Kids

At Adrenagy Training Club, we look after our clients by creating a custom training program based on their goals, educating them so that they have all the tools they need to succeed, and finally monitoring their fitness stats so that they can sustain the results they achieve. We don’t want anyone to lose their results by falling back into old habits so we are consistently tracking and checking up with them to ensure a successful fitness journey. Don’t worry, you won’t have a personal trainer breathing down your neck every minute of your workout, but you will always have a trainer available to answer any questions you have including how to properly use equipment, how to correct your posture, etc.

Our concept involves a carefully designed program based on a detailed fitness assessment for each individual. It is not a one size fits all approach. At Adrenagy Training Club, everyone who walks through our doors is not just a member, but a wellness transformation project.

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At Adrenagy Training Club, we want to establish a sense of community by promoting a social and fun environment for everyone. We want our guests to feel included, to be a part of Team Adrenagy where we are all inspiring and motivating each other. Our team training programs are designed to connect people who may be on similar fitness journeys. This is done so that our guests don’t feel intimidated by working out with people who are far above their level of fitness. We are not a place where only young and athletic people workout, we have a wide range of clients and cater to specialty groups that many other fitness centers forget about. Youth (7-15 years old), the elderly, people recovering from injuries, pregnant women, people with health issues including high cholesterol, obesity, and other conditions.

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