Summer Holidays…Wake Up, Sleepy Heads!



We’re excited as Summer holidays have finally arrived. For most of us the Summer is a start of adventure… packing, hopping onto a plane and heading off to exciting destinations or even a family visit home. For the rest of us that are prepared to embrace the sweltering heat, we have to come up with some more adventurous ways to keep ourselves and our dear kids happy and entertained.  However with Summer Camps and hotel specials galore, the choices thankfully are a many.  We have also asked some of our ‘Mummy Bloggers’Harkee from As They Grow and Tarana Khan from Sand In My Toes to share with us some neat tips and tricks this month. For mums who are still at work, Louise Karim talks about juggling parenthood and creating Mums@Work. helps parents to find, connect and book Kid’s Activities, Nursery Schools and Schools across the UAE.

We thought we would also focus on ‘Wake up, sleepy heads‘ as a theme this month.

As our kids are out of their normal routine and get to have a lie in.  Us parents welcome this ease in routine without having to wake the kids up, get them fed, dressed, packed and off to school within record time. It however also results in tired and grumpy children who very quickly find the break of their routine and this sense of freedom to go to bed and  wake up later than usual results in a long and windy road for us parents to get back to a sense of normality once the holidays end.

We’re not saying that it isn’t great to have a break in routine, c’mon we all need a day off…once in a while. That is why we believe in education and we have gathered experts this month to better equip you with the right information to help you and your kids make better choices this Summer.

This month we welcome expert advice from,

shutterstock_226336915 keeps you connected to your community. Starting this month in addition to ‘Meet a Teacher’, we will ‘Meet a Babysitter’, ‘Meet a Horse’  and you will be meeting our new foodie, Chef Cris Mennah, who will be contributing a new and unique recipe every month.

We will continue to give you our ‘Top Picks’ with our recommended ‘Hang Outs’, and as always we will have some great ‘Parent Play Date’ recommendations, tied in together with a great give-away from The Magic Mat and its little secret’.

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