Community Week – Meet a ‘Babysitter’ by the name of Jinky Lou Oli

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Meet Jinky Lou Oli, she is a Babysitter at Emirates Nursing Home. She originally comes from Cagayan Valley, in the Philippines and has been working in childcare for over 2 years now. Jinky is a fully Qualified Registered Nurse from the Philippines. She is trained in First Aid and Basic Life Support, as well as having regular new-born and childcare training and training on moving and handling of children.

We asked Jinky why she loved being a Babysitter, and loved her response, “I really love taking care of children. I really have fun with them and enjoy my time with them. I actually prefer working with children than adults!” She went on to tell us some cute stories shared with her kids, where she told us about unique nicknames, “A little boy of two years that I look after regularly calls me either Jing Jing or Ki Ki……….that is the cutest thing to me.” We think that is too sweet for words. 

Happy to meet you Ki Ki 😉 

 JLO 3

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Emirates Home Nursing offers solutions for Childcare, New Born Care and Babysitting, together with their postnatal care offered to mothers and so much more. For more information about the services offered, please click here.


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