Community Week – Meet a ‘Teacher’ by the name of Ms Ksenia Raevskaya

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♥ Meet a Teacher ♥ 

Meet Ms Ksenia Raevskaya, she is a teacher at Blessings Early Learning Center, she has been a teacher for 5 successful years. She started as a Nursery Manager and this  gave her unique and broader understanding in all aspects of child care. She gradually  became more interested in being a class leader and this is how she started her teaching career.

Ms Ksenia Raevskaya, loves working with all age groups. At the moment she teaches a nursery class, with kids between 2 to 3 years old. Next term she will be dealing with children in foundation level. She really enjoys dealing with kids of all ages loving each unique experience. She finds that teaching is very interesting along with being creative and loves making progress with her kids, each day bringing new surprises.

She finds it very rewarding seeing her kids develop and embracing new things and takes delight in the feeling of being apart of her kids progress.

Ms Ksenia Raevskaya, has been a fan of reading ever since she was a child. She loves how entertaining reading is together with providing mental stimulation and enhancing her knowledge. It is no wonder why she loves filling her spare time captured in a new and exciting book.

Lovely meeting you, and keep up the good work!

More about the Contributor:

At Blessings Nursery, we treasure each and every unique child. We treat our children with love and respect as they learn and grow with us. We create a safe and friendly environment where children’s imagination and creativity can flourish. We encourage children to discover things for themselves through exploration and play. We believe that children learn best in this way and it will provide early learners with the confidence they need to develop their own unique personality. We have the best teachers, child care assistants, nurses and management to provide your children with exceptional care and education.

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