Community Week – Meet a ‘Teacher’ by the name of Ms Betty Edgar

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♥ Meet a Teacher ♥ 

Meet Ms Betty Edgar, she is a teacher at Cocoon Nursery. She has been a teacher for over 30 years teaching Foundation Stage 1 (FS1). 

We asked Ms Betty Edgar why she loved teaching, she smiled and explained, “I love teaching, as nothing is more rewarding than reaching out to young children and seeing them blossom and develop. An added bonus is the unconditional love I receive from the children.”

Ms Betty Edgar is inspired by her Mother. We were surprised to hear that her Mother was a teacher too.  She explained how here mother had a zeal for life and shared this with enthusiasm and love for children. She was dedicated to her children and this was what lead her to eventually choose a teaching career herself. It is no wonder that Ms Betty is loved by all her kids, as it is clear she has inherited so many of her Mother’s wonderful traits.

We love what a great example you are to all, Thank you!

1- Ms Betty July

More about the Contributor:

Kid’s Island and Cocoon Nurseries provide a safe and nurturing environment for children to build self-awareness and enrich their social skills. Through diverse learning opportunities and engaging activities, the children are allowed to reach their potential. We are committed to offering a balanced and holistic approach, where the foundations for positive attitudes are established in a healthy learning environment.

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