Pediatric Foot Care

During growth, the feet are constantly developing and subject to numerous changes; early diagnoses and treatment are recommended in order to avoid any serious deformities or alterations which would not only worsen over time, but lead to permanent damage in adulthood.


Below are some tips:

1)      Check your child’s shoe size often. Make sure there is space between the toes and the end of the shoe and allow the toes to move freely.

2)      Try to go shoe shopping on the evening, when the foot has its maximum size of swelling for being active all day.

3)      Choose the correct shoe for each sport and surface.

4)      Do not rely on the shoe size from the last pair of shoes. Have your child´s feet measured every time when purchasing new shoes, there are differences in manufacturing.

5)      Avoid putting shoes on baby´s feet before walking. It is important to allow babies to kick and stretch their feet freely

6)      If you notice a rash or hard skin, seek professional advice to rule out any fungal infection o plantar wart.

7)      Avoid nail problems with good nail care by smooth any rough edges.    

8)      Watch the development of your kid’s feet and help them learn the importance of taking care of their own feet for premium performance and health.

Caterina Obrador
Medcare Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital

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