Interview with a Baby Sitter


Name: Fremalyn Masanque
Where she is from: Isabela, The Philippines
How long has she worked in Childcare for: 2 years & 6 months

What are her qualifications: Fremalyn is a fully Qualified Registered Nurse from the Philippines. She is trained in First Aid and Basic Life Support, as well as having regular new-born and childcare training and training on the moving and handling of children.

“Fremilyn has been with Emirates Home Nursing for over two years now and is one of our most requested nurses. She is a natural with the babies and seems to be a wanted friend by all the children she has looked after.”

What games does she like to play: “At the moment, I am looking after a baby regularly and his favourite game to play is Round and round the garden like a teddy bear……a one step…….a two step ……a tickly under there! I also enjoying playing peek-a-boo, with the babies. They always love that one.”

Who inspires her: “My inspiration is my mother. Growing up she was always there to support me. While I’m working with children I often think of her.”

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