Facing Back-to-School Challenges Head On

Another school year is about to begin! New class, new teachers, new pressures, all is about to change. Sometimes parents are more anxious than the children. We understand this! In the past 2 months, children have been pampered with late nights, extended play hours and the pampering within the house. This brings along many challenges that parents face, to get the children back to routine.


Afterschool.ae has listed the top 5 challenges that every parent faces and how to deal with them head on! Read on to find out more.

Challenge #1: Change in sleeping pattern.
The Solution: Over the past 2 months your children have been sleeping late and waking up late, but that is about to change. So what do you need to do? At least 2 weeks before the beginning of school modify the sleeping hours. Put the kids early to bed and let them wake up as early as they would need to during school. This process might take 2 – 3 days to settle in. Initially children will take time to fall asleep and find it difficult to wake up in the morning, but slowly it will settle in.

Challenge #2: Getting ready on time.
The Solution: It is usually difficult at least in the first 2 weeks to ensure that the children are ready on time and out of the house. The key is to get prepared the night before. Keep uniforms, shoes, and socks ready, bags packed. Also, it would be a good idea to prep for the lunch boxes the night before. Keep the ingredients chopped so it’s easier to cook and pack in the morning.

Challenge #3: Back to homework.
The Solution: Perhaps the most difficult part of back-to-school is getting back to homework. Though it’s easier with older children, you still have to sit down with younger kids to get them through homework. Create an hour (or two) dedicated to homework. Once the children are home and done with snacks, a dedicated hour of homework. No excuses!

Challenge #4: Dealing with new teachers.
The Solution: New class brings new teachers. Make sure to get to know the new teachers during open houses and orientations. Introduce your children to them before hand, so they are comfortable around them. This is more important for younger children.

Challenge #5: Packing a healthy meal.
The Solution: This is one for the most crucial challenges that parents face. The solution is to create a pattern. Ensure that your child carries 1 fruit, some cookies, 1 protein dish and something in carbs. Add in a fresh juice, or flavoured milk every day. This will ensure a healthy meal.

Hope we help you solve the back-to-school challenges. Here’s wishing you all the best for the new school year.

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